Hi, I'm Sharang 👋🏽

I’m a Product designer based in Pune, India
currently working at Korn Ferry.

Sales tax & returns extractor studio for partners
B2B | US Sales tax | 2021

An enterprise integration building platform to help automate sales tax calculation and returns which provides an in-house solution to the partners/developers that integrates directly with their source systems.

Mutual funds personalized app
b2c | fintech | 2019

An app for providing simple and efficient way to invest in mutual funds, track their performance, create personalized portfolios based on life goals the user wants to achieve and provide minimal, yet important knowledge to help the users in effective decision making on their investments.

Point-of-Sale for restaurants

A single platform that manages all the restaurant’s needs by managing in-restaurant active operations, integrate with different third-party online food delivery platforms and built with fully integrated CRM system.

I follow the 4D process.

This non-linear process helps me to design the products and services that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to its users by focusing on solving their problems.


I start my designing process by learning about the problem(s) I’m trying to solve with the help of extensive research. I try to capture the existing user behaviour, any qualitative or quantitative data available. If not, then I create surveys, conduct interviews, create a meaningful design materials like personas, journey maps to identify the problem(s).


Based on the research, I start creating the user stories around the problem and try to define an accurate statement for further actions. I also define the design scope at this stage by doing the assessment of existing systems to evaluate the current work and interpret them into activities, functions and representations. In a nutshell, I create user stories!


Here, the magic happens! I start the design work by converting user stories into wireframes, designing interactions, interface elements and also work on the visual aesthetics of the designs. I prefer to create a basic design system before I start designing the solution to set the foundations and principles or I use one of the existing system available.


While designing, I test the designs created with the users and re-iterate the wireframes or design prototypes based on the responses. After meaningful iterations, I work closely with the engineers to do the design hand-off and provide constant design support, if needed. This is a non-linear process.


I'm now a mentor on ADPList! If you're interested in knowing more about UX or the Digital design world in general, you can set up a mentoring session with me for free!

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