I design products
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Hi! I'm Sharang, a Product designer based in Pune, India. I create user-centered digital experiences for start-ups, scale-ups and enterprise organizations.
A low-code/no-code integration studio for developers
B2B | SAAS | taxtech | 2021

An enterprise integration building platform to help automate sales tax calculation and returns which provides an in-house solution to the partners/developers that integrates directly with their source systems.

Mutual funds, refined & personalized!
b2c | fintech | 2019

An app for providing simple and efficient way to invest in mutual funds, track their performance, create personalized portfolios based on life goals the user wants to achieve and provide minimal, yet important knowledge to help the users in effective decision making on their investments.

Point-of-Sale app for restaurants

A single platform that manages all the restaurant’s needs by managing in-restaurant active operations, integrate with different third-party online food delivery platforms and built with fully integrated CRM system.

I follow the 4D process.

This non-linear process helps me to design the products and services that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to its users by focusing on solving their problems.


I embark on my design journey by delving into the intricacies of the challenges at hand. This entails thorough research, where I meticulously unravel existing user behaviors and gather both qualitative and quantitative data. If this information is not readily available, I initiate surveys and conduct insightful interviews. I also craft essential design materials such as personas and journey maps to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem landscape.


Informed by the wealth of insights garnered from the research phase, I pivot to shaping the design direction. I meticulously construct user stories that encapsulate the essence of the challenges and subsequently formulate precise problem statements for informed decision-making. This stage also involves assessing existing systems to gauge their effectiveness, dissecting their functionalities, and translating them into a cohesive framework. In essence, I breathe life into user stories that guide the design process.


This is where the alchemy of design unfolds. I commence the creative process by transforming user stories into tangible wireframes, forging intricate interactions, molding interface elements, and bestowing aesthetic finesse upon the designs. To establish a solid foundation, I often institute a rudimentary design system or leverage an existing one to set the stage for design excellence.


While crafting the designs, I continually subject them to rigorous user testing, allowing real-world feedback to guide the iterative process. With each meaningful iteration, I finetune wireframes and design prototypes based on user responses. Once the design reaches its zenith, I collaborate closely with the engineering team, facilitating a seamless design hand-off and providing ongoing design support, as required. This process unfolds in a dynamic, non-linear fashion, ensuring the highest quality results.


I'm now a mentor on ADPList! If you're interested in knowing more about UX or the Digital design world in general, you can set up a mentoring session with me for free!

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